Victorian Railways.

McKeen Railmotor Operating Manual.
The pages below have been scanned from what I believe could well be the only surviving copy of this manual. If you know otherwise, please let me know.

The 2 McKeen cars were imported from the McKeen Company of Omaha, USA in 1911 and entered service with VR on 13.5.1912. They seated 73 passengers. One ran services between Hamilton - Warrnambool, the other serving Ballarat - Maryborough.

They lasted in this service about 3 years. By 1919 the de-engined cars were in use as passenger carriages (see photo 5).

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1. Car interior.

2. Talbot.

3. Warrnambool.

4. Side view of No. 2

5. Stored McKeens after use as unmotored cars. (3,4 & 5 from P J Vincent collection)

6. Unknown.


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