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Due to the problems of stopping on freeways, many of these photos have, by necessity, been taken from a moving vehicle, usually through the windscreen.
Apologies for the drop in quality that results. I shall be replacing the affected photos with better quality images as soon as practical.

Freeway Entrance. These signs are on all freeway on ramps to inform motorists that freeway conditions begin. Also there are Start Freeway signs in use.

Nilma, Vic.

As well as the entrance or start signs, there are usually signs prohibiting pedestrians, animals and certain classes of vehicles that would be hazardous on a freeway. These signs seem to vary according to local conditions.

Nilma, Vic.

Big green sign. Freeways tend to have very large signs so as to be clearly visible from a distance by fast moving traffic. This one advises of the exits to take in order to get to the Western Ring Rd from the Calder Fwy.

Keilor Park, Vic.

Reduce Speed Now. Sometimes placed before the end of a freeway to prepare motorists for the non-freeway conditions ahead.

Morwell, Vic.

Freeway Exit. Sign listing destinations accessed by an exit.

Morwell, Vic.

Gantry signs. Metropolitan freeways tend to have overhead signs for exits. This is a modern style type on the Western Ring Road.

Keilor East, Vic.

Wrong way - Go back. Sign placed on freeway ramps facing any traffic that may drive the wrong way and therefore be in danger of causing a head-on collision.

Darnum, Vic.

Another Wrong Way - Go Back sign.
Drouin, Vic.
End Freeway - Reduce Speed. These used to appear at the end of many freeways, but are rarely seen today. This example can still be found at Drouin, at a lengthy off ramp.
These signs were placed along the Westgate Bridge to explain the meanings of the red and amber revolving lights once in use there. Due to the danger during high winds, the speed limit is reduced to 60 or 40km/h in such conditions. Variable speed limit signs are now in use instead.
In Victoria, a freeway with a 110km/h speed limit is the only place you shall find a curve warning with a 100km/h advisory speed plate.

Gisborne, Vic.

Bypass. This sign indicates that a freeway bypasses a town or city and that it is therefore possible to travel through the town and rejoin the freeway further along.

Morwell, Vic.

Gantry. An example of overhead signs on freeways or other major roads. This one is on a rural highway. In metropolitan areas, many have lights fitted to light the signs at night. Note the walkway behind the signs. Morwell, Vic.
Exit and emergency exit signs. Under this large sign advising of an exit ahead are small signs with an 'X' and an 'E'. The 'X' sign means there is a 'crossover' between the carriageways which is to allow emergency vehicles to do U-turns or cross to the other carriageway as needed. The 'E' sign is also for emergency vehicles and indicates an exit from the freeway for emergency use.

Morwell, Vic.

Most bridges on Victorian freeways have signs indicating the name of the road or watercourse passing under (or over) the freeway. In this case, it is a sign naming the railway that passed under the Princes Freeway at Morwell. Unfortunately the railway had closed and been dismantled when the signs were erected.

See my railway site for photos of the SEC railway.

Exit location sign.    Morwell, Vic.
This sign is unusual in that it specifically refers to Princes Fwy rather then simply "this freeway" as found on most other such sign.

Yallourn, Vic.

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